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Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary and the Spice world

We arrange trips to Periyar wild life sanctuary and the spice world around Thekkady which is at 3hrs drive from Mannaas Veedu. Over twelve varieties of spices are cultivated in and around Thekkady. The spice plantation tour covers spices such as cardamom, pepper, vanilla, clove, nutmeg etc. in addition to ayurvedic plants and herbs.


UNESCO has selected Aranmula as a world heritage village. The famous Parthasarathi temple of Lord Krishna at Aranmula, on the banks of the holy river Pamba is the only temple permitting tourists to go as far as the sanctum sanctorum. This place host world's biggest meal supply for devotees with 58 to 65 dishes in a meal (Valla Sadya), organized during August to October. A simultaneous event in the nearby river Pampa displays more than 20 snake boats coming in tune with a sacred song in which more than 7,000 devotees come to receive the holy meal. During Onam Festival there take place the famous aranmula boat race in the river Pamba. The special Aranmula boats are known as "Palliyodam".
This place is also famous for Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror) , made from a metallic mixture by a traditional family. Vaastu vidya gurukulam(Institute), Mural art gallery and Institute, a lot of cultural centers are also the specialty of this place.

A day with the Elephant ! (Konni Eco Tourism centre)

What do you think of joining the Indian Tuskers at their own turf for a day (or more as you decide) bathing them in the local springs while they lay calm to be pampered by you, feeding them , climbing on their back and having a safari seated on top of these mammoth? You can also mingle with the mahouts and learn a lot about these terrific mammals. This facility is provided by the Government of Kerala, at the Eco tourism centre at Konni. Another attraction in this centre is the unique facility to convert Elephant dung to paper. Elephant museum depicting the life and features of this beautiful animal is also open to visitors.


Gavi is an eco-tourist spot in Kerala which has widely become popular after 'Alistair International' the world acclaimed tourism major listed it among the leading eco-tourism centres and one of the must-see places in India. A must visit place for all nature lovers as Gavi is preserved in its natural scenic beauty untainted by the mighty hands of modernity. Gavi is mainly known for its wildlife. Endangered species including the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque are often sighted at the outskirts of Gavi. Kerala's very own treasure elephants can be sighted abundantly. If you are the bird watcher, Gavi is the place for you. With more than 260 species of birds including the great pied hornbill, woodpecker, and kingfishers, Gavi is a heaven for birdwatchers.


Kadammanitta is famous for the padayani which is an important ritual art form performed in the premises of the Kadamanitta Devi Temple. This art form is an offering to the mother goddess.


The Kaviyoor Mahadeva temple which was constructed in the early years of the 10th century is one of the oldest of the Mahadeva temples in Kerala. Hera is also a Hanuman Temple. Thekekudi Cave Temple in Kaviyoor is one of the rare type of cave temple in Kerala. This temple is constructed in the Pallava architectural style and was built in the 8th century. Apart from Ganapathi, Maharshi, Dwarapalaka idols in the sreekovil which in inside the cave, there is also a Sivalinga which is about three feet in height .


Kakki reservoir, set in sylvan background, is a 'tourists' delight. The splendid artificial lake offers exhilarating boating experience . The surrounding forest abounds in tigers, elephants, deers and monkey.