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Diamond House classification from Dept. of Tourism, Govt.of Kerala.

Mannaas veedu is constructed as per Vasthu Shastra ( Ancient science for construction of houses, prescribed by the Rishis ) where each moment of stay is memorable and peaceful. The House is constructed in Nalukettu-is the traditional style of architecture of Kerala, wherein a house has a quadrangle in the centre.
 Nalukettu is prevalent in the traditional homes of the upper class homestead where customs and rituals were a part of life. We follow the same meticulously in Mannaas Veedu.

This ecofriendly mansion is created using wood, laterite stone and manglorian tiles with a central open courtyard and wondrous architecture. The interiors of the house are tastefully decorated with a wealth of antiques made of teak, and mahogany.

Ayurveda is a science that has evolved through ages of observation, assimilation and theorization. It is a holistic treatment system that believes, health is a state of physical and mental wellbeing, based on the perfect balance of three doshas (vata, pitha and kapha). Diseases are the outcome of an imbalanced state of these doshas. Ayurvedic mode of living rectifies this imbalance and helps an individual to maintain a perfect harmony between body, mind and soul. We at Mannaas offer Ayurvedic treatments under the supervision of qualified doctors and well trained therapists in hygienically maintained environment. Ayurveda treatment boosts up your spirit by strengthening your body and mind.

The Syrian Christians in Kerala possess a lot of traditional wealth in the form of their cultural assets. To take an example, we have a superb method of Syrian Christian cooking in Kerala one can experience grandma's rare specialties which can't be found anywhere else in our country.

There are so many jewels like these in our land. We invite you to come and enjoy these treasures in a pure village atmosphere with all modern amenities one can think of. We solemnly welcome you to pure nature and culture .. of course in total leisure and enchantment.